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Partington Creek to Mc Way Waterfall Big Sur August 2003

Lunar Eclipse Lake Powell May 2003

Brooks/Sheep Island Save The Bay May 2003

Drydock on Yerba Buena Nov. 2002

Lost Coast 8-31thru 9-2 2002   Thanks to Mike Higgins!

Point Reyes  8-10-2002

July 4th Fireworks 7-4-2002

Escape from Alcatraz 6-16-02

Espiritu Santo 3-28 thru 4-1 2002 Part 1

Esprirtu Santo 3-28 thru 4-1 2002 Part 2

Brooks Island 1-13-2002

Santa Rosa Island 8-11-12-2000

Limantour to Pt. Resistance Juan's paddle 9-24-2000

Out the Gate Art and Greg's paddle 9-1-2000

Carmel Bay 5-19-2000

Kaboom Bask paddle

Brooks Island Richmond Marina to Brooks Island

Big Island of Hawaii Place of Refuge

Limantour to Pt. Resistance

Drake's Beach toward Pt. Reyes

Navarro 3-20-2000

Point Cabrillo BASK trip

Baja Pictures March 1 to 8, 2000
More Baja Pictures
Baja Poem

Pt. Lobos1 lots of pictures February 12, 2000
Pt. Lobos2 more pics

Bask Full Moon Paddle San Leandro Bay February 19, 2000

Lake Travis February 6 Texas style

Hunters Point Pier 54 to India Basin

Eclipse Total eclipse 1-20-2000

Jan. 16, 2000 Out the Gate

Jan. 9, 2000 Emery Bay Park, Emeryville to Whalebone Beach, Alameda

Solstice paddle Moonlight paddle on the longest night of the year 12-21-99


These are stories of my experiences, and are not intended as tours or guides for kayaking; in other words, paddle at your own risk.

If you want to check weather and ocean conditions before you paddle!

See weather briefing page

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