Islas Espiritu Santo, Partida and Los Isolotes
Trip Report Part 2
3-28 through 4-01-02

Our 3rd night we camped at a beach called"Mesteno"

Sunset from Mesteno


 Beautiful Little islands appear out of nowhere as you paddle South. Some have small beaches, usually on the South or the protected side.
The prevailing wind is N/NE/NW with an overnight South wind,  the Coromuel

The cliffs turn pink as you paddle South


Another beautiful sunset from the Southern point of Espiritu our 4th and final camp spot
Punta Lupona


We came across many bones but just took photos and respected the government's request not to take them home.


Kipp tried to hold us up and stay on the island longer! Tecolote Beach is in the background, 4.5 miles across the channel. It took us 1-1/2 hours to cross with a 5-knot SE wind neutralizing the beginning ebb, which Ben told us can reach 2 knots or more.


Flying home, we spotted our next Baja island adventure--Isla San Jose

We'll probably use sailboat support to explore this island in Fall 2002
See also expedition planning

Always check weather and ocean conditions before you paddle!

See weather briefing page

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