Current San Francisco Bay Conditions

Times for web pages marked by an asterisk (*) must be  corrected to get local time in San Francisco, CA: subtract 8 hours from Oct to April to get Pacific Standard Time PST or subtract 7 hours April to Oct. to get Pacific Daylight Time PDT.To understand the UTC better click here

Present conditions inside San Francisco Bay   more detailed conditions
Visible Satellite Bay Area*
Wind Flow on San Francisco Bay
Wind Reports *How to interpret
Pressure Gradient* at the bottom of the page is a  table which  shows the air pressure differences between airports in millibars. To determine if flow is onshore or offshore, look at the difference between SFO-SAC (SFO is SF Airport and SAC is Sacramento Airport)  A +symbol = onshore, A -symbol = offshore. For more info on Pressure Gradients.

Current conditions at SF Airport  Click on the down arrow for local time which is PDT or Pacifc Daylight Time. Great for looking at the past 24 hour weather conditions.

Calif, fog*
Fog depth Bay Area*
Near real-time current velocity map For the bay
Local Radar for Current Rainfall*

 North Pacific Ocean Data

Surface pressure chart*Great for the big picture.Red arrows show the direction of movement of High and Low pressure systems
Surface pressure*
North Pacific weather briefing*
Infared Eastern Pacific*
Satellite Animator *Try your luck at timing the incoming weather systems
Forecast discussion anything major going on or coming our way?

Offshore conditions what's coming our way?

Local Beach data

Buoy summary, updated every 15 minutes

West Coast buoy summary Includes some Alaska and Canadian buoys
Buoy Forecast*Explanation here
Pacific flow pattern*

Profiler and surface winds for S. F. Bay Region

The latest 24 hour Buoy meteogram on a graph showing air-sea temperature, wind speed and direction, sea level pressure and wave height:

US meteograms

Top ten current weather images

Live Camera Views

A great way to check current weather conditions is to see for yourself:

Maverick's near Half Moon Bay

Monterey wharf


Big Sur from Nepenthe

Morro Bay

Sugar Pine Point State Park Lake Tahoe

Donner Summit

Half Dome Yosemite

Forecasted Weather Conditions

Experimental graphics New excellent graphics and the future of wx forecasting allows for pinpointing of forecasted weather conditions! Please fill out survey.

The local Pacific marine forecast is issued every 6 hours: 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9 pm; look at the bottom of page for the extended marine forecast for trends

SF Bay current marine forecast

Bay Area Fog and Low Cloud forecast mapWill it clear up tomorrow?

Monterey to Mendocino 24 hour cloud

NWS Marine page

For other Calif. marine forecast

Marine forecasts for anywhere in the USA

The current weather forecast discussion. Updated every 6 hours: 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm.

Bay Area    alternate site

Disussion With clickable links

All of Calif.


more explanations

Another Calif. weather discussion but you have to sign up to receive it by e-mail.

Weather forecasts for Calif.

Western US Warnings/Watches and forecastsMarine and land areas

Weather forecasts for anywhere in the USA

Weather forecasts for anywhere in the world

Accuracy of weather forecasts
Fog forecasts North Pacific*April to Sept.only

You can call a NWS marine forecaster at 831-656-1725. Press 0 and ask for the marine forecaster on duty available 8AM-4PM Mon- Fri.
Forecast Meteograms-experimental *How to read


Excellent graphics

Forecasts and discussions

When should I go to Hawaii?


For Mexico Look up your city for present conditions or go to other countries from here

10 day rainfall

Tropical Eastern Pacific data look under Eastern Pacific

15 day forecasts


Buoy surf forecast fantastic! Seems to be very accurate and for buoys globally

Surf reports and forecasts

Stormsurf's Quickcast-excellent

More detailed swell forecast discussion

buoy surf forecast

5 day surfcast

Detailed surf forecasting
Pacific Wave Height*
Pacific Wave Period*

Wave watch III
Loop showing Peak wave period and direction*

3 day surf forecasting

These models do not verify well but they do show how a particular swell breaks along the coast

Experimental long range surf forecast

Local water temps

Are Eastern Pacific water temperatures warmer or colder than Normal? Temp link

Tsunami Warning Center


24 hour wind aninmator*

7 day wind forecasting*

Wind and water vapor

Northern Calif

Winds for Central Coast
Ocean Conditions* forecasting: click on "NGP" under "East Pac."

36 hour Central Calif Coast Wind Forecast*

Click on the area you're interested in, and then click on "Sailcast" and "Windcast".

Wind forecasting every 6 hours for 5 days

USA Wind Forecasting
Wind patterns*

Weekly Planning

7 day wind forecasting* I believe some of the best computer wx models availiable. Not 100 % accurate but good for trends and general location of events.
7 day rain forecasting*
7 day temp forecasting*

7 day Coastweather outlook Very accurate for the first 3-4 days
7 day trend*--pick your state and city

10 day precipation

10 day temperatures

10 day MRF Temperature, Precipitation, wind speed, cloudiness and chances for snow
10 day sea level pressure guide;* the closer the lines, the higher the wind.

15 day forecast anywhere in the USA and the world

16 day graph click on your city of interest, not specifically accurate but excellent for trends. Great for weekly paddle planning.

30 day by day Wet or dry? Continental US 85-90% accurate

30 day outlook

60 day outlook Farmer's Almanac

Movie Blue shades show air that is subsiding, which means usually stable and warming air. Brighter blue can mean windy conditions. Pink shades indicate rising or unstable air. Brighter pink shading indicates possible windy conditions. Click on frame to stop movie.

Weekly threats  anything major coming? Issued every Tuesday.

Recent climate developments

Last month's climate analysis

Forecasted Natural Phenomena

Lunar eclipse computer

Tides and current forecast for US west coast North to South:

Forecasted Moon Phases:

West Coast fog

Southerly Stratus Surges


Weather studies

Online weather guides

Barometer and wind direction

Diving weather guide

Danger in the marsh

Weather videos

Space weather

While paddling in March 2001 I was lucky enough to see the Northerns Lights off the coast of Marin. Astro alert informed me and this site helped to track them;

Northern Lights

Astro alert is a great service, Free and your privacy is protected-I highly recomended if interested in outer space phenomena!

Kelvin Wave

Local Tsunami history Click on tsunami Then click on Runup database Then enter San Francisco for location.

Water Quality

California Current

North Pacific Ocean Currents

Local upwelling info

Upwelling March till Sept

Pacific Dust Express We usually get this every spring.

Weather variety Does SF really have the least variety of weather?

Past Weather History

Reporting stations worldwide click on state you're interested in. Then click on your city of interest then scroll down to the bottom of current conditions for the previous 10 year record for that station.

Although buoys are further out than where most sea kayakers paddle, they still provide a record of sea state conditions. Have you ever wondered when to paddle a particular place? This lets you know what you could expect. Most buoys worldwide, except buoys found in Canadian waters and maintained by Environment Canada have this infomation, just look under Historical Data.

Click on area of interest then on your buoy. You can look up among other items,Air and Sea temps,Peak wind,Wind gusts, Significant wave heights and Average wave period.

Local buoy locations

Central Coast Water temperatures Recent data and what to expect Climatology

Climate Data for Cities

Western Region climate data

National climate data

Canadian Climate Normals

Worldwide Climate Search by city

Can't find the climate data you're looking for try here

Webpages of interest to the mariner

SF Bay shipping lanes

US Coast Guard Cruising GuidesWant someone else to figure it out for you?

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