Drake's Beach to Elephant Seal Pocket Beach

March 26 2000

We wanted to launch at the lifeboat station but were turned back because of the whale shuttle. We scoped out North Beach and it looked doable but we decided to launch at Drake's beach
Past the beautiful cliffs of red lichens by Chimney Rock
This beach was our goal a little pocket beach that is perfect to observe elephant seals.
If we tried to land our timing better be perfect
About a mile from Pt. Reyes we decided to return to Drake's Bay for lunch
Our lunch and swim spot. The water was unusually clear.
It was nice to reach the calmer waters of Drake's Bay even if we did have to fight a headwind both ways
Kipp celebrated the end of the paddle by taking the plunge. Not too long afterwards some big dark 2 finned creature swam by


Air temp.55-64 degrees

Water temp 55.8 at put-in 54.4 1 mile SW of Pt. Reyes

Sky High Clouds with patchy low clouds forming good visibility

Wind NE to 20 knots wind lighter nearshore off Pt. Reyes headlands but gusty

Tides Corr. Low 9:40am-0.7 ft. High 4:48pm 3.8ft.

Current between 1 knot and a half running N to S off the Pt. Reyes headlands

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