10 miles East of Cabo Del San Jose

March 1st thru 8th 2000

We grabbed the kayaks that Lynn and Murray Huggins generously let us use and paddled out.

We paddled to a beach with a "negative edge" tidepool

Back to the cove for a swim

While swimming, we could hear the cries of the whales and dolphins underwater, a highlight of the trip. As we paddled out, we could hear the whales and dolphins spouting before we saw them.

Here there be whales.

The whales and dolphins swim very close to each other..

Baja 1

Baja Poem

Sea Conditions

Air temp. 72-77 degrees F

Water temp 70.3 degrees F

Sky cloudy Eastern horizon clear Western horizon

Winds NE under 15 knots to calm

Swell 1-3 foot SW swell with light chop to calm conditions by sunset

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