At Zacatito
We paddled our paltry kayaks
Half a mile offshore
To where the sea-gods were breathing,
Silvery plumes of exhale
Hung shining in late sunlight,
Were we at peril
Gallivanting with a pod of forty-ton humpbacks
In the pelagic wilderness?
Probably not,
But we could not be certain,
And such brinksmanship
Easily translated into high adventure
--Craig Steiger

We pushed our kayaks
Into the blueblack waters of the Gulf
Before dawn
On an errand to commune with ballenas
Paddling from Zaca to Punta Gorda
As the first rose tints streaked the eastern sky--

--Craig Steiger

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Sea Conditions@Dawn

Air temp. 62 degrees F

Water temp 72.1 degrees F

Sky clear

Winds NE to 15 knots

Swell SW building to sets of 8-10 feet

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