!0 miles East of San Jose Del Cabo

My good friends Kathy and Rein invited me and my brother Craig down to the Southern tip of Baja.

Rein introduced us to Lynn and Murray Huggins, two sea kayakers from Northern Calif. who graciously let us use their two kayaks, which are included in the rental of their beautiful cottage. They are experienced sea kayakers and can tell you about local conditions. For more info: http://www.vacationspot.com/ranchorocasdelmar.htm

The picture above is the view from their cottage.

Tell 'em Storm sent ya!

A whale landing after flying through the air is most impressive from a kayaker's point of view.

Whales and dolphins are everywhere--even in the rocks.

There are many fossils in the rocks, too.

My brother Craig hanging with some poorly understood lifeforms.

The rocks of Punta Gorda (fat point) are polished by the rising and falling sea level over the years.

High clouds from the tropical jetsream over mainland Mexico made for gorgeous sunsets.
This sunset courtesy of the graveyard of North Pacific cold fronts!

Many Thanks to Kathy Mooney and Rein Dillon
and to Lynn and Murray Huggins for the use of the kayaks!!
Visit their website for more info on staying at their dream sea kayaker spot on the Sea of Cortez

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Sea Conditions

Air temp. 75-80 degrees F

Water temp 73.3 degrees F

Sky cloudy Eastern horizon clear Western horizon


Swell SW building to 8 feet

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