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My sister brought a mansion on Skinny Dipper Cove on 57-mile-long Lake Travis near Austin Texas. I had to go check it out. Borrowing a very friendly neighbor's plastic deck boat I got a lot of help (from my wife and sister) carrying it across the bathtub ring left by the low water level of the lake. Down in the cove you couldn't see the houses--probably why it's called skinnydip! I paddled out of the cove and turned left. I saw turtle after turtle jumping into the lake as I approached.  
  Everyone said beware of cottonmouth rattlesnakes! So I looked for and didn't see much evidence of snakes but I kept my eyes open. I paddled into another cove with 3 houses in it. Found a hidden cove went over and took it's temp-60.3 degrees. The warmest water I'd seen in 3 months so I jumped in. I headed further into the cove and soon passed all the houses and found a sunny beach. I had a swimfest then it was back home to the sunset.

Conditions Air temp 65 shade and 70 degrees sun

Water temp 58.4 Skinnydipper cove 60.3 other cove

Light winds under 10 knots



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