Out the Gate

Jan 16, 2000

Scott George, Tim Green and I launched from Horseshoe Cove about 2 pm. Right outside the cove riding the ebb was part of a pier with 3 seagulls on it. We paddled out to Telegraph Beach for lunch. As we ate lunch, we observed the wave action. A SW wind wave swell of 2-4 feet with occasional sets to 6 feet was happening with about a 10 second interval. We could see the decreasing swell as time moved on. These were dissipating wind waves from the SW wind to 45 kts which occurred the night before. After lunch, we paddled past Pt. Diablo, where we encountered clapotis -- known locally as devil's water -- of 2-3 feet.
Reverb waves up to 2 feet were bouncing off the rocks and heading out to sea. Past Pt. Diablo the confused sea relaxed, but the outside set of waves increased in height to 8 feet. Since the beaches inside Bonita Cove are steep, this created a shorebreak up to 8 feet high. We saw 3 surfers trying to ride these waves, but with no room to ride all I ever saw them do was to bail out. A spectacular sunset followed.
The sunset only got better with time!
And kept going for a long time

water temp. 52.3 Sky cloudy South clear North

Light wind under 10 kts SSW Swell 2-4 feet -6 feetKirby and Telegraph Pt Bonita Cove 4-6 feet sets to 8 feet Chop medium to high near Pt. Diablo

Slack 3:48 pm. Flood 6:43 pm 3.2kts.

Launched 2 pm Lunch 3:15-430 pm Take-out Horseshoe 6:30 pm

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