Circumnavigation of Brooks Island
January 13 2002

Last October, I cut my foot badly on a submerged shipwreck on South Rodeo Beach; fortunately, surgeon Dr. Lawrence Ford did a great job sewing it up.

As a thank-you, I took him and his dad Trevor kayaking out to Brooks Island to help them prepare for their planned trip to Espiritos Santos Island off of La Paz.

We launched at the Richmond Marina under almost summer like conditions NW wind 5-15 knots with clear skies

We paddled under the old Ford Motor Assembly Plant. A recent hundred-millon-dollar plan to renovate the building to condos has failed.

We paddled across the entrance to Richmond Inner Harbor

Next we checked out the nation's newest national park
Rosie the Riveter National Park

The Wapama was inside one of the former liberty ship bays.  At the height of productivity, one new Liberty ship was launched every day.

The Wapama has a bit of history

We stopped on Brooks Island for a lunch of Thai curry chicken over steaming rice (served hot courtesy of a single-burner propane stove).

After lunch we spotted some seals on our way around Bird Island.
When we got back to the put-in, Lawrence and Trevor practiced their sit-on-top re-entries.

Always check weather and ocean conditions before you paddle!

See weather briefing page

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