Brooks Island

May 6, 2000

Paddling out from the Richmond Marina, we turned right and came to the old Ford Motor Assembly plant. Keith Menconi is contemplating its scheduled replacement by condominiums.                                
Dave and Dorita Menconi were eager to check it out! We all paddled under the plant, which is set on pilings over the water.                              
                              We used a large ship as a windbreak while paddling across the harbor to check out the future home of the next National Park, the old Liberty Ship assembly docks.                         
                              It started to sprinkle, but we were able to have a nice lunch on Brooks Island
   Future All-World Sea KayakeKeith Menconi                           


Tides corrected High of 4.7' at 3:32 pm

Air temp 55-60 degrees Water temp 64 degrees

Sky Overcast middle and high clouds

Wind SW 15 knots with gusts to 20 knots

Moderate chop of 1 foot

Synopsis Dissipating Pacicfic cold front-Rain aloft mostly evaporating with some sprinkles

reaching the surface

Roundtrip mileage of 2 nautical miles

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