Russian Gulch to Caspar Beach

Pt Cabrillo weekend



BASKers Bob Kenyon, Leslie Goss, Doug Wilkins and I took advantage of a weather window for the 4 day weekend. Most weather charts and forecasts agreed this was the day to get out on the open ocean; NW winds would stay below 15 knots. This day also featured the highest swell of the weekend with a NW swell of 12-15 feet with occasional sets to 18 feet.
With the bridge behind us, out we went! I measured the water at 49.8 degrees.
With so much energy in the water the sea was chaotic with clapiotis--it felt like we were in a bathtub. Reverberating waves of 3-4 feet were bouncing us around.
As we cleared the gulch the swell grew and the clapiotis subsided except for the outgoing swells. A whale spouted about 100 feet ahead of us--the only one we saw from the water this day due to the high swell conditions. You can't see very far at sea with the troughs between the waves so deep.

 Pt Cabrillo Part 2

Sea Conditions

Air temp. 55 degrees F

Water temp 49.8 degrees F

Sky high clouds N and S

Winds under 15 knotsNW

Swell 12'-15' O 18' feet

Tides Cor. High 9:21am-6'

Low tide 3:58pm -0.2'

11am launch-Russian Gulch

1:15pm-Caspar Beach

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