Storm damaged dry-dock  runs aground on Yerba Buena Island
Nov 2002

During a fierce storm in Nov 2002 a dry-dock from San francisco was thrown loose from it's mooring. The urgent call was made for help

The tugs would not put a line on the drydock-because that establishes liability. It was nudged around by the tugs and eventually went aground here on the SW side of the island.

Is this the stairway to Heaven?

It was at least 50' high and 700' long

You were almost at eye level with the lighthouse!

We tried to claim salvage rights for a future BASK clubhouse as it was in the middle of the bay and you had to paddle to get there.  Maybe it could be a mother ship for kayak adventures down the Pacific Coast?
About 1 month later in December it was towed away!

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