Limantour to Pt. Resistance


I met a nice guy named Juan,who took an interest in sea kayaking. So I picked a perfect weather and sea condition day and we paddled South as the light fog to the South slowly burned off.

The sea surface remained glassy as we checked out the arches.

We made it to the waterfall and had lunch and took a swim.

Paddling South we checked out the pelicans at Pt. Resistance.

Juan blends into the rocks

Rock Monster


Air temp 65 on the water 72-77 degrees on the beach. Water temp 60.3 degrees

Sky Sunny and clear 30 mile visibility-Hazy South

Wind NW 10 knots or less with calm spots

Surface glassy to slight wind ripple

Synopsis Light pressure gradients Surface Low retrogaded to the coast

See weather briefing before you go

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