Hunters Point Paddle

Feb 2 2000

Doug Wilkins and I launched from the Bay View Boat Club ramp at 1:30pm
On the wall next to the ramp was a beautiful tile mural There was a sign that read "beware of rats" and later I saw a small brown rat right next to this sign.
We paddled South past the hospital ship MERCY in beautiful, glassy, warm conditions.
Onward we paddled past a sleeping sea lion. We found a small pocket beach right next to what looked like the SF police driving training course and MUNI bus storage yard.
A lot of old derelict buildings in a colorful combination of steel and rust.
We paddled back and saw the sunset reflected under a pier.
Conditions Air temp 65-70 degrees Water temp 54.6

Light NE wind at 1:30 pm became moderate 10-15 kts sustained with gust to 20kts.

Flat glassy bay turned to light chop under 1 foot at 3 pm.

Tides corrected 4.3 kt ebb at 2:51 pm Slack at 6:56 pm.

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