Limantour Beach to Pt. Resistance April 1st 2000

As you paddle south, the large tree in the middle of the photo marks the spot of Coast Camp, which is appx. 1 mile south of Limantour Beach
Further South, sea caves and arches begin to appear


We soon came to Secret Cave, our first stopping point
Looking South, this spot comes complete with year-round waterfall for post-swim freshwater showers
On April 1st, while picking up garbage on the beach (as every good kayaker should), I noticed one bottle had money in it. On closer inspection, I discovered it held the business card of Tahir Saleem of Scotland. He had tossed the bottle off the Golden Gate Bridge on Nov. 17th 1999. Thanks for the moola; extradition for littering is underway.
Tunnels and arches make this a most spectacular place. This is where I fell in love with sea kayaking
You'll find great pocket beaches south of Pt. Resistance Beware of the wrap-around NW swell which occurs here. 1 mile due South around the next point lies Miller's beach a protected landing
A beautiful sunset to end an awesome paddle


Air temp.70-80 degrees

Water temp 54.2 at Limantour to 57.4at waterfall near Secret Cave

Sky Scattered High Clouds with excellent visibility

Wind NE 15-20 knots wind lighter nearshore in the lee of the cliffs

Tides Corr.for Pt. Reyes LOW of 0.2 at 2:57 PM

Current weak and variable to 1 knot N to S

8 NM round trip

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