Jan 20, 2000

At one point ten paddlers were going to join me to see this rare and awesome astronomical event, the total lunar eclipse. No one was able to join me so I launched from familiar Horseshoe Cove about 4:30 pm. The variable high clouds forecasted a beautiful sunset!
I got sucked out rapidly on one of the strongest ebbs of the year. I arrived at Telegraph Beach in about 40 minutes. Once there I set up my lawnchair and built a little fire. Then at about 6:30 pm the moon emerged from the thick overcast.
I cooked up some delicious chili and watched the spectacular show. During totality 8:06-9:22pm the moon appeared as a giant orange"76" ball. I brought some binoculars along and the moon looked incredible. I'm sorry the pictures I have do not convey the beauty of the eclipse. I took a quick swim during totality. I then headed back as the moon slowly brightened. I felt like I was rewarded with 2 moonrises and 2 moonsets. I got back about 10:30pm
Conditions-current- 5.9 kt ebb at 3:18pm 4.6 flood at 10:19pm

Sky conditions Partly cloudy to cloudy Air temp 50-55 degrees

Sea conditions flat with swell under 1 foot wind variable under 10 kts. No chop- smooth and glassy

Found on Telegraph Beach

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