Big Sur Trip
August 2003
Partington Creek to Mc Way Cove Waterfall

It took 10 minutes to cart our kayaks down this hill


You have a choice to launch on this rocky beach or you can cart thru the tunnel to do a surge launch from the rocks in a protected landing

The landing is protected and thick with kelp

Paddling  South it's protected by kelp beds and the offshore rocks

You can paddle the inside, it's protected by rocks and kelp

About 2 miles South are the Mc Way Rocks which protect a beautiful beach

A short distance away is the world famous McWay Waterfall. The biggest waterfall to fall directly into the ocean on the California Coast

Just South of the waterfall is a fantastic Arch

A 20 minute walk back up the hill at Partington Creek got us back to our truck. It wasn't too bad and very much worth the effort
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