Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon
1.5 mile swim with kayak escort,
18 mile bike,8 mile run

It was a shady start for the 38-kayak escort at Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

We were warned not to get to too close to the ferries as the
1400 swimmers jumped, dove and splashed into the water (they're churning up the water to the right of the ferry in this picture).

The kayak escort paddled out from our holding area East of Alcatraz Island

You just gotta keep putting one hand in front of the other.
We helped direct the swimmers by using a herding technique with our kayaks.

The finish line!
All the swimmers were in by 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The SF fire department helped guide swimmers with their 100-foot "flagpole".

Race Results

Congratulations to Marc Paulsen and Joe Oakes and all the other people involved who help to make this a safe event!
Learn more at the Escape from Alcatraz website.

Wind W/SW 5-10 kts at 8 AM increasing to 10-20 kts W/NW by 11 am. Tides appox 3 kt ebb with countercurrents South side of Alcatraz and  near shore from Crissy Field to Pier 39. Surfaced rippled becoming 1-2 foot choppy boat wake.

Sky unusually clear due to low pressure moving NE into Gulf of Alaska pulling in our marine layer. Moderate onshore flow 3 millibar SFO- SAC due to thermal Low inland. Air temp 55-60 about the same for the water 57-59 degrees..

Kayakers known to participate

Scott George
Dan Mauk
Val Wann
Albert Wang
David Browne
Ken Mannshard
Jane Lombardo
Mike Kenny
Pat Pruitt
Clay Martina
Darrell Lupino
Dave Littlejohn
Don Frey
Matthew Blumenthal
Bob Ko
Colin Gift
Dennis Kuhre
Richard Kuhre
Tony Mullins
Brian Gunney
Trisha and Pete Meyer
Cass Kalinski
Tim Cosgrove
Michael Brassington
Gregory Chu
Daniel Stein
Heather Windom
Bryan Singleton
Jane Halpin
Rich Marck
Kris Marck
Sam Wilson
Tony Di Capua
John Warren
Roger Phillips
Dennis Shusterman
John Ainscow
Storm Steiger (2 swimmer assists; 1 hung on for about 100 feet.)

Check weather and ocean conditions before you paddle!
See weather briefing page

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