July 4th 2002

We got ready to launch from the put-in on the NE side of Treasure Island
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We paddled South along the breakwater. The palm trees added some color to the plain breakwater.

We paddled past the Coast Guard Station on Yerba Buena Island. This buoy tender had various flags displayed for the holiday. Later this night we would have a high sea encounter with the Coast Guard.

We checked out this prehistoric looking fish carcass near the beautiful pocket beach just South of the Bay Bridge. Probably just a 7 gill shark but scary to think that sometimes I'm swimming with these monsters.

We enjoyed great views of downtown San Francisco and were treated to a beautiful sunset!

Since the 5.5 high tide had covered up the 2 small sandy pocket beaches. We decided to go for the beach with the bench which was perfect for watching the fireworks.

Let the show begin! We sipped hot chocolate while sitting on the bench.


SW wind to 10-15 knots. Clear sky with some cirrus from a dissipating Low pressure SW of San Francisco. 3-4 millibar onshore flow. Air temps upper 50's to low 60's. About the same water temps. Tides corrected Flood early to slack later.

On our way to the take-out we were pulled over by the Coast Guard which had mistakenly thought that we had fired a flare. After putting us briefly in an unsafe situation of possibly being hit by their boat they let us go.

Check weather and ocean conditions before you paddle!
See weather briefing page

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