Navarro River

March 20 2000

Doug Wilkins at our put-in spot, an old Lousiana Pacific logging road a couple of miles west of the Paul Dimrick campground.


Down the mighty Navarro! Great time of year for a Navarro River run. The high water flows assisted us through the narrow channels.
Is this fall or spring? Looks like the leaves are changing colors but if you look closely you can see the new green leaves.
After paddling the raging ocean it was nice to find some peace and quiet!


Air temp.57-62 degrees

Water temp 53.3 at put-in 53.8 at take-out

Sky clear

Wind NW calm to 20 knots in exposed to the NW areas

Time launch 12:30pm Take-out appox. 2 and a half miles

Take-out 2:15pm

Current between 1-2 knots downstream

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