Solstice Paddle

Leslie Goss, Laura Nixon, Kipp Frey and I launched from Horseshoe Cove at 4 pm. Kipp and Laura headed out for the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Leslie and I went beachcombing on the first beach past the north tower. As Leslie was landing, her boat impaled itself on a steel rod sticking out of the sand, and the boat had to be lifted off the rod.

Henceforth, this beach will be known as Puncture beach.

We relaunched and found ourselves being circled by a Coast Guard helicopter. I know what that means and sure enough a CG boat approached us and asked if we were OK and "did we have lights". I answered that we were OK and had lights.

Leslie and I noticed Laura and Kipp over near Kirby Cove Rock. Little did we know that perhaps the CG appeared because Laura cut it a little close with a tugboat.

The spectacular Solstice Moonrise-->

<--The Solstice Sunset

After beachcombing all the beaches before Kirby, Tim Green, who launched at 5pm, caught up to us. We all landed at the west end of Kirby and took our gear up to the picnic table that overlooks the cove. I served up Thai yellow curry chicken over steaming rice and almost had a perfect dinner--but it got real windy all of a sudden; 25-35 kts N gusts with calm periods. This was a subsidence wind and due to friction the surface air warmed into the 60's.

Back at the beach, we pulled out lawn chairs and built a fire with wood we brought--although there was plenty of wood on the beach.
A quick dip, then warm up by the fire. At 9 pm, we rode the flood back in. A crosswind continued out of the N/NE gusty to 30 kts. You could see calm flat water and wind patterns on the water. In we streamed and as soon as we passed the Golden Gate we felt the wind. No longer sheltered by the Marin Headlands, the wind developed a small 6 inch wave fetch to oppose our return.


5.4kt EBB at 1:45pm. SLACK at 5:45pm. 4.2 kt FLOOD at 8:45pm.  
  Water temp. 52.3 degrees at the gate. 51.1 degrees at Kirby. 0-10 kt North wind at 4 pm.North wind 0-30 kts 7-9 pm.
Swell 2-3' wraparound NW. Light chop except exposed areas-Med  

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