What about sharks?

As a sea kayaker who loves to swim where I paddle, the more I know about sharks the better I can avoid their attacks.

1 Sharks see contrasts very well. Avoid tan lines-go skinnydipping

2 Don't wear shiny watches or jewerlry and be careful with reflective tape

3 Paddle with someone-- a shark bites first, then eats later-- this may give you time to get to shore

4 Travel in groups-Great White Sharks don't want any trouble and tend to attack stragglers

5 Don't sit still on the water for too long in shark territory

6 Size does matter; kayaks should be 15' or longer

7 Do Not fish from your kayak or paddle or swim where others are fishing

8 A shark tends to attack in the same place-- there may be more attacks during the Fall 8-15 thru 11-15

9 Try to paddle with rhythym-- keep splashes to a minimum

10 If attacked, hit shark with paddle. If shark returns for 2nd attack, poke it in the eye with your stump

11 Don't swim in water over 20 feet deep with a black wetsuit on

12 Great whites are known as muggers not stalkers

13 Look out for great whites in this genaral area, "The Red Triangle" from Bodega Bay out to the Faralones Islands down to Santa Cruz. And in these areas, in particular, the Entrance to Tomales Bay, Ano Nuevo, Faralones Islands, Davenport and Salmon Creek which is just North of Bodega Bay

Current News

1st known shark attack in Drake's Bay October 10 2004

Great White kills abalone diver August 16 2004 near Westport which is North of Fort Bragg

August 2004 Many sightings of Great White sharks near South Ocean Beach,Miramar, Morro Bay-Atascadero Beach North of Morro Rock. July 04 shark sighting at Linda Mar

Great White shark kills swimmer near Avila Beach PierAugust 19 2003

Shark attacks bogie boarderThanksgiving Day 2002 more details

A Personal Encounter October 2002

7-2002 Great whites eat dead blue whaleThe blue whale has washed ashore just north of Rodeo Beach 7-21-02

Stinson beach closed until 8-19-02 after great white sighted 8-13-02
Excellent Recent news

Recent sightings and attacks

Recent attack in California

Recent attack in Kauai

1st recorded shark attack at Stinson Beach

Victim's version

Peter Pyles account of Great white shark vs Killer whale

Made the cover of Time Magazine

Shark Attack at Pt. Lobos South-Monterey


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Possible attack Bodega Bay

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Sherman's Lagoon

Thanks to John Petrak for the great shark background!

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