Conditions Guide

For SF bay

Present conditions inside San Francisco Bay

Is it windy now, or was it windy yesterday?
Wind Reports How to interpret

Wind Flow on San Francisco Bay shows the wind pattern. On the bottom of the page you can check out the pattern for different times of the day.

Forecasted Conditions

Marine forecast- read through and see if there is a trend in The current local marine forecast . Are conditions improving or deteriorating?

Forecast discussion- Bay Area    What do the pros think?

For the Pacific Ocean

Analysis --pay close attention to the direction of the wave and wind barbs. Are they pointed on- or off-shore?

Buoy summary, updated every 15 minutes What are the buoys reporting? Click on the one nearest where you will be paddling to look at a 24-hour record of wind and wave action.

Wind flow pattern for NE Pacific

Wave models How are the waves breaking along the coast? Can you see a distinct pattern?

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