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Timing is Everything


There's a time in life for everything and a time for nothing. Should you have a baby when you're 60 years old? Should a 6 year old go kayaking on their own?

I believe that timing where and when to paddle is one of the 1st skill a sea kayaker should learn or to try to master early.

All the rescues that I have heard of do have a common theme. On all the recent rescues I believe it was wrong time and wrong place to be out there. The timing of the activity was flawed. I believe that conditions dictate where and when you can paddle safely.

Not so long ago, not so much was known about weather and ocean conditions. With the availiability of today-thanks internet- this has changed. Amazing amounts of infomation can be obtained and used to determine where and when to paddle.

Weather and Conditions Guide

I use a guide that works for my experience and skill level and it is;

10 -30 -3

10 stands for 10 ' waves

30 stands for 30 knot winds

3 stands for 3 knot current

Anytime these these conditions are reported or forecasted, I know that conditions could overwelm my skills. I know I can't fight these conditions for long but I can still go kayaking and go with these conditions. I know that paddling in these conditions does increase my risk and that I may need to be rescued.

I have never needed rescuing-tap on water. I would encourage every kayaker to develop their own weather/condition guide tailored to their own skill and experience level.

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