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Russian Gulch to Caspar Beach

Pt Cabrillo weekend


Part 2

Picture-postcard beautiful Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse!
We approached the lighthouse and saw spray from larger waves rising above the clifftops.
As we paddled past the lighthouse and Point Cabrillo itself, the swell faces seemed to steepen with the top 1-2 feet of the wave threatening to break. A one-knot current drew us toward shore, where we could feel the ocean's power in the suction of the waves breaking over near-shore rocks.
We paddled into Caspar Beach along a deep water channel at the middle of the inlet that lets you avoid the large breaking waves on the sides and points.

Caspar Beach is excellent for kayak surfing.

  Pt Cabrillo Part 1

Sea Conditions

Air temp. 55 degrees F

Water temp 49.8 degrees F

Sky high clouds N and S

Winds under 15 knotsNW

Swell 12-15'NW Sets to18 feet

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