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Palisade Lake

May 10-12 2001

Basker Doug Wilkins' family owns a historical landmark on Palisade Lake. They have a beautiful mountain cabin at the end of the road. I'm lucky enough to go on some of his trips!

While not my kayak of choice this canoe would work well as a icebreaker


The Palisades, a rock formation which the lake is named after


The ice was very irregular


On closer inspection the ice was about one quarter inch thick


Most of the ice melted by afternoon



Air temp 30-45 degrees. Water temp 37

Sky Sunny and clear 50 mile visibility

Wind NW 10 knots or less with calm spots

Lake surface glassy to slight wind ripple

Synopsis Building inland the Pacific High Pressure to the North West moved to the NE pressure switching the wind from NW 5-10 2000 to the NE by 5-11-2000

See weather briefing before you go

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