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October 2001

Muir Beach

This put-in is Rated R for nudity

Protected from the prevailing NW swell this put-in usually offers easy landing and launches. It is exposed to South/West wind and swell.

If you want to get that wetsuit off as soon as possible you can here;

Current info

As you paddle South to Pirates or Tennessee Valley Coves the coast becomes more exposed to the NW wind and swell making landing and launches more challenging. Also headwind and resultant current can make it difficult to get back to Muir Beach. A favorite BASK tactic is to go 1-way from here to Horseshoe Cove.

Paddling North the area is known for intense wind and wave chop. The cliffs on the coast North of Muir Beach reflects incoming waves back out to sea. High tide and heavy Afternoon winds can make this a challenging paddle. 2nd only to nearby Potato Patch for extreme ocean conditions this area can have high chop; 4-6' of "Devil's water" and the following seas on the way back can feature breaking windwaves!

Every year great white sharks are sighted in this area. Don't sit still, travel in groups and size does matter 15' or longer!

A fun paddle is to paddle North 2 and a half miles to Lone Tree Creek

Just past a massive landslide this beach has a small arch and a small stream. Although more exposed than Muir Beach usually this beach is easy to land on and to launch from. After lunch you can paddle North to Red Rock Beach

Other put-ins


These are put-ins that I have used, and maybe totally different when you are there, in other words, paddle at your own risk.

Always check weather and ocean conditions before you paddle!

See weather briefing page

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