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Indian Valley Reservoir Trip

Fri. 4-20 Sat. 4-21 and Sun. 4-22

Please change to Sat. 4-21, 22 and Mon. 4-23


So far these paddlers have signed up and if you want to carpool look them up; I included hometowns and if not in BASK directory I give you their e-mail. The last item is their dish for the potluck. Also indicated is if they can change trip dates.

1 Alan Kepner .....Forest Knolls...can't make it

2 Nancy Bisio ......Forest knolls....can't make it

3 Dan Mauk...........Roseville......... 1 pm

4 Don Fleming......Vallejo.....salad with Oriental flavor..can change to Sun. Mon. 3 pm

5 Steve Brandon...Brentwood

6 Mike Kaufman...I don't know their hometowns and they're not in the directory. Steve Brandon would know

7 Kati Kaufman

8 Tim Green.........Concord ..can change Sat- Sun. PM

9 Andrea Wolf.....St. Helena........... can change to Sun.-Mon

10 Herb Howe......Santa Rosa..........can change to Sun.-Mon

11 myself..............El Sobrante 510-233-6168 curry chicken and dessert item

How to get there

From SF bay Area there are 2 ways to get there. One is very scenic-Take HWY 16 exit to Esparto off I-505 drive up Cache creek to HWY 20. Turn left and then a quick right onto Bear Valley Road, which Andrea says is a world-class wildflower area,following the signs for Wilbur Hot Springs. Do not turn off the road for Wilbur Hot Springs. Keep going past the turn off to Wilbur and continue for about 9 miles. Then take a left onto Brim Road which turns into Barlett Springs Road it's about 5 miles to the lake.

I'll mark the turn for the boat ramp with a bucket about 1 PM on Saturday but if you're there before I am look for the boat ramp which is about 1 mile after you first see the lake. It has a good access road so don't take any of the 4 wheel drive options unless you're so inclined.

The other option for Bay Area drivers is to take I-505 to 5 to Williams take HWY 20 West and follow the directions for Bear Valley Road.

Other people can follow these directions off of HWY 20 or take Barlett Springs Road from Clear Lake-a beautiful drive.

Once at the boat ramp on the North end of the reservoir the directions are launch and paddle South hugging the Western shore look for a small indentation in the lakeshore after paddling across the long NW arm of the lake. Compass directions are South SouthWest. If you come to a submerged bridge this is in the long NW arm of the lake turn around and paddle South along the far shore. It's about 1 nautical mile to the campsite.

The camp spot

The reservoir was created in 1975 for irrigation and to prevent flash flooding on Cache Creek. It is not used for drinking water.

Our boat- in spot is appox. 1 nautical mile South to SW from the boat ramp-20 years ago I helped to built the spot. There is no water at the site and there are no restrooms. I believe in negative impact camping by taking out more than we bring in. Please no pets the local wildlife is not used to it.

Not wanting to mislead anyone, I have been camping here for more than 20 years and have never been hassled. There are no signs prohibiting camping and there are many camp spots all around the lake. I have seen and I have been told by the people at the South end campground that the North side of the lake is not regulated. This is a wild area. Being in a wild area there's always the chance that someone could show up and ask us to leave.

If you need to be in an established campground there is one at the South end of the lake.

If you camp at the South end, there is a boat ramp and to paddle to our boat-in spot it's about 3 nautical miles due NW.

I would like to do a potluck for Sat. night's dinner. I'll bring Thai yellow curry chicken served over rice and a dessert item. I'll bring chili for Sun. night

Final Update 4-20-2001

Weather forecasts continue to look good. It will be cool and breezy on Sat. The warm air response should be quick and with the sun almost overhead-bring your sunscreen. 65 on Sat. 75 on Sun and into the 80's on Mon. I have a bucket with BASK written on it which I'll leave by the turn for the boat ramp.

The current plan is to meet at 1 pm launch by 2 pm. Don Fleming is planning a later arrival time of 3 pm to check out the battleship Iowa.

If you need more info you can call me @510-233-6168.

Don't forget to bring your chaise loungers for meteor viewing!

Looking forward to seeing everyone up there.


For more info on the Lyrid meteor shower click here

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